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1. What’s different about Le Grand’s products?

Our products are made uniquely from scratch, using wholesome, pure and unaltered ingredients. No chemical product, stabilizer gum or aroma (even natural) is used in our plant. They are minimally processed.

2. Can your product be frozen?

Yes all our products can be frozen, except the Tzatziki, but they taste fresh!

3. Do they contain gluten?

None of our product contain gluten, but we are not yet certified "gluten free".

4. Are your products vegan?

Yes all our products are certified vegan, with the exception of our Tzatziki and our 4 Nuts and Cheese Pesto.

5. Does your packaging contains BPA and is it ecofriendly?

Our packaging does not contain any BPA or any chemical that can leak into the product. It is greener then the glass jar it replaces because it is 17 times lighter and reusable or recyclable where facilities exist.

6. What is RBST?

rBST (recombinant bovine somatotropin) is a synthetic growth hormone often given to dairy cattle by injection to prevent decreased milk production over time. Here at Maison Le Grand, our Tzatziki is made with milk from cows not treated with artifical growth hormones.

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