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There is now a broad consensus about healthy eating

Increase your fibre intake

Avoid added sugar

Limit animal protein intake

Eat less processed foods

Eat mostly plants!

Benefits of a plant-based diet include improved blood pressure, decreased risk of heart disease, lowered cholesterol and better weight control.

National Institutes of Health (US)

LeGrand products are there to help make plant-based meals enjoyable – from meat eaters to vegans alike!
Recipes ideas to eat more plants!

New Chilies
made with 100% organic legumes

Our promise of quality

We work in small batches to maintain taste and nourishment. Even though are production facilities are high-tech, we maintain our artisanal approach:

  • We use 100% Fresh herbs that arrive just a few hours before production
  • We squeeze our lemons to get the maximum freshness
  • We grate our Italian Romano cheese (sheep's milk) to ensure 100% quality
  • We soak our dry organic legumes before cooking them

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